All High School IB Philosophy Lessons Are On Sale in TpT’s Back to School Sale 2021

Welcome to a new school year, fellow high school philosophy teachers! TpT’s annual Back to School sitewide sale is here, and I’m pleased to announce that I have many new philosophy resources up and ready for use in the new school year. All philosophy lessons and activities will be discounted during the sale on August 3-4, 2021. For a preview of what’s available in my store for teachers of high school philosophy courses, take a look below.

Crash Courses, Ted Talks, and Films

The Philosophy Crash Course series on YouTube is an easy way to introduce many topics in your philosophy class. I use these videos in my IB Philosophy course.

Try out the Philosophy Crash Course series with this set of questions that goes with the first episode What is Philosophy? completely free. Just download, print, and you’re ready to go. Click here to see the assignment in detail.

This bundle contains questions for all 46 Philosophy Crash Course episodes. It’s priced at 30% normally and with the additional 20% discount during the TpT Back to School Sale on August 3-4, you’ll be able to pick up the whole package for $8.91! That’s less than $0.20 per episode! All questions are designed to get students to think about and apply the concepts presented in each video. They are not fill in the blank recall questions. Take a look here.

Ted Talks are a great tool for the philosophy classroom. I use this one, “Your Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality,” in the beginning of the year while I’m teaching Epistemology and Being Human (for an IB Philosophy class). Students find this to be a really fascinating topic because it challenges how we often think about our reality. Students love this topic and this Ted Talk does a great job of engaging students and spurring discussion about perception. I have questions for this Ted Talk available for $1.00, but they’ll be on sale for only $0.80 during the Back to School Sale on August 3-4! Check them out here for a closer look.

This is a great movie for teaching epistemology. 12 Angry Men really gets at the idea of how we can determine the truth of a situation, and it explores our obligation to do so. Visit my store for this and other film questions for the philosophy classroom.

Epistemology Lessons

Cover Greek Epistemology with this inclusive lesson. You’ll get a lecture with detailed teacher’s notes, a group activity for Plato’s Forms, questions for Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and a philosophy movie guide for The Truman Show. Take a closer look at this lesson here.

This epistemology lesson covers the ideas of Kant, Hegel, and Sartre. The lesson is built with a PowerPoint lecture that contains detailed teachers notes along with two activities for students to complete. Cover the topic of identity and explore how our identities are connected to others through these activities. Click here to see more.

If you’re looking to knock out an entire quarter’s worth of planning, you might be interested in this unit bundle. Everything you need for a full 9 week unit covering epistemology and the nature of being human is included in this package. For an in-depth list of what’s included, check it out here. It’s regularly discounted by 35% but you’ll be able to get it even cheaper during the TpT Back to School Sale on August 3-4. Get a full quarter of lessons designed by a veteran IB Philosophy teacher for just $22.80!

Take a look around my store for other philosophy resources and consider giving me a follow to be the first to be notified about additional sales and new philosophy lessons!

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