TpT’s 2021 Back to School Sale!

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to start thinking about the new school year. For those who utilize TpT for its amazing collection of teacher-created resources, it’s time for you to go in and make sure you write reviews for anything you purchased the previous year. Those reviews are how you earn TpT credits which you can apply to your upcoming TpT purchases. If you combine any earned TpT credits with the Back to School Sale happening August 3-4, 2021, you can score some great deals on some valuable resources for your classroom.

For Middle School English Teachers

I have taught both middle and high school English and a here are few items that can make a difference in your planning load this year. Check out some of these FREE resources in my TpT store if you’re teaching ELA this year, and if you like what you see, take a look at some of my other products, too! High school products can be found below the middle school listings!

These ice breaker BINGO cards are perfect for the first week of school. Have students walk around and find others who match the description in the squares. This works best if you participate with your students! Best of all, this is a completely free download.

Use this guided reading tool with ANY informational text. This isn’t limited to just the English classroom, use this with science and social studies, too. Keep this on-hand all year to use when you need it! Download it for free!

If you’re using the HMH Collections textbook in your 6th grade ELA class, you’ll want to take a look at some of resources designed specifically to fit with that textbook. Here’s a free quick write bell ringer to go with “The Mixer” from Collections. Just download, print, and go!

This resources is packed with activities for the first day of school. Priced at $1.00, you’ll be able to get this for just $0.80 during the Back to School Sale on August 3-4! Included is an interview activity that will help your students get to know each other and practice some writing skills. There’s also a quick literature terms word search, an “About Me” worksheet, and two writing prompts that aren’t your typical “What did you this summer?” prompts. Make the first day of middle school go smoothly by having lots for your students to do! Purchase and download here.

Here’s one of my most popular products for the HMH Collections 6th grade text. Have students write an essay that compares “The Ravine” and “The Jumping Tree.” These two stories provide a wealth of clear comparisons, so this is the perfect essay to really build up your students’ confidence in writing while using text evidence to support claims. The assignment includes a guide that clearly lays out what key items should appear in each of the five paragraphs. Have students fill in their planning sheets as you go through the stories in class. The grading rubric makes your expectations for the final product crystal clear! I use this to set the tone for a writing intensive year with my students. Purchase this resource here.

For High School English Teachers

This lesson focuses on applying imagery to creative writing. Included is a slide show of high quality photos with an assignment to create a vivid written description of each picture. After completing this exercise in class (which students really enjoy), assign the imagery writing project in which students must create a short story based on an assigned image that is packed full of imagery. I’ve composed a sample writing piece specifically for this project as part of this resource. Use the sample to get your thinking about how to create beautifully written work. I’ve primarily used this lesson with 10th Grade Honors students. Purchase this product here.

I like to cover this reading with both my English and Philosophy students. The excerpt that goes with these questions can be found here. This is a rigorous reading and is well-suited for teachers that truly want to foster students’ ability to approach everything in a critical manner. Students will need to take a close look at education and the roles of teachers and students. This a wonderful way to begin the year. I assign this reading in September and use the questions as a base for a class discussion on the topic of education. Purchase this resource here.

Any excuse to get your students to do skits is a good one! I’m a big fan of having students present in my classroom. This assignment has students researching common logical fallacies of argument. I do this with my AP Seminar students and my English students before we enter into our argumentative writing unit each year. They really get into the project, and there’s so much value in showing your students what a faulty argument really looks like. This fun activity can be purchased here for just $1.00 (or $0.80 during the TpT Back to School Sale)!

I’m polishing up a lot more of my teaching resources as we speak, so give my store a follow for updates on new products as they come out this year! Hope you have a wonderful year in the classroom!

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