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How to Get a TpT Promotional Spot: Tips for Sellers

When I first started selling on TpT, I didn't even realize their was an option to pay for a promoted spot at the top of a specific category. After becoming more serious about my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I decided I would give their promotions a try. I sell middle and high school resources than… Continue reading How to Get a TpT Promotional Spot: Tips for Sellers


TpT’s 2021 Back to School Sale!

Summer is coming to a close and it's time to start thinking about the new school year. For those who utilize TpT for its amazing collection of teacher-created resources, it's time for you to go in and make sure you write reviews for anything you purchased the previous year. Those reviews are how you earn… Continue reading TpT’s 2021 Back to School Sale!

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The Best (and Worst) Side Hustles

I've always found traditional employment to be wildly frustrating. Never enough money, never enough free time, terrible bosses, petty co-workers (with a few exceptions- you know who you are!), and just a constant feeling of being trapped. Some people do just fine finding a career and sticking with it, but I am not one of… Continue reading The Best (and Worst) Side Hustles